Established and founded in 2002, HPV Awareness Corporation’s official launch as a National, bilingual, Registered Charity was in July 2006. We are the only organization in Canada raising awareness and specifically providing education programs about the Human papillomavirus (HPV) in the context of healthy relationships.

Our vision is that future generations will be protected from contracting HPV, preventing its complications including cervical cancer and several other HPV- related cancers later in life.

Our mission is to raise awareness through education in schools and communities across Canada, by informing youth, parents, faculty and the public of HPV and its complications.

What We are All About

  • Providing information, emotional and practical support to individuals affected by HPV and cancers caused by HPV, as well as to their families and friends.
  • Bringing people affected by HPV related cancers together for shared support.
  • Creating HPV educational tools for our multiple partners.
  • Campaigning for improvement in standards of support and care.
  • Promoting the importance of prevention and early detection to the public, health professionals and key decision makers.