Cervical Cancer Survivor

Brigitte Leclerc, a successful, 40-year-old, with two daughters, Cindy aged 16 and Nadia aged 22 at the time, had her family's life turned upside down when she was diagnosed with advanced cervical cancer. She was stunned and quite shocked that she had never heard of HPV. It was at this point in her life, in 2006, that HPV Awareness crossed her path and gave her all the information she needed to understand the process and the reasons behind this cancer which is still not very well known.  

"When I was told the vaccine would be available, I promised myself that my daughters would be first in line. Today I have kept that promise," said cervical cancer survivor Brigitte Leclerc. "I'm so grateful there's now a way to protect Cindy and Nadia from a disease that has caused our family so much stress." After her radical surgery, she became dedicated to creating awareness about cervical cancer and its cause: HPV. .

Watch her testimony here