14 women and their families have benefited greatly from the generosity of the Tara Fund. Here are a few of their stories:

S is in her mid-thirties and was pregnant when she was diagnosed with advanced cervical cancer. She started chemotherapy during her pregnancy with a plan to deliver her baby prematurely so that her treatment could continue.

S is married and has three children. Her husband is a factory worker but at this time he, too, was on sick leave. Before her diagnosis, S worked in the service industry. This family was not able to meet their regular household expenses.

The fund granted $2,000 to assist with the mortgage payments, the cost of transportation to and from the hospital, and to assist with the general household expenses during her treatment.

R is in her 20's. She was to be treated with chemotherapy and radiation but was newly married and had no children. Her ovaries were surgically transposed to protect them from the radiation. She underwent egg harvesting and embryo freezing (an expensive process) in the hope of having children at a later date.

R and her husband work in the hospitality industry and earn modest salaries. R now cannot work and even with El Sick benefits their household income is decreased. She lives outside of the city and during her five weeks of radiation/ chemotherapy, had to live alone in the city so that her husband could continue to work.

We granted a financial gift of $1,000 for this patient to help cover a) her lost salary while on E.I. Benefits, b) some of the cost of the egg harvesting, c) transportation to and from her hometown when she was able to leave the city, and d) some of her accommodation expense while undergoing treatment.

L is in her mid-30s and underwent chemotherapy and radiation treatment for cervical cancer. L is married and has two young children. Before her diagnosis she worked part time retail (so has no benefits or sick time) and tried to be with her children as much as possible.

L and her family experienced significant financial stress due to her illness. She was unable to work at all during her treatment and they were solely reliant on her spouse's modest income from working in a factory. This request was fulfilled just before Christmas and the gift of $1,200 allowed the patient help with their mortgage and extra funds to buy gifts for her children for Christmas.

J is a single mother of two in her early forties who lives outside of the city. During her chemo and radiation for cervical cancer she stayed at the hospital, returning home on weekends. While she was in the city her younger son was living at the home of his babysitter.

Prior to this illness J worked in a factory. Since she is not able to work during treatment she has had to go onto Employment Insurance Sick Benefits. Her child support is not consistent. During this very stressful time we requested from the Fund a payment of $1,600 to assist with rent and other household expenses while she is on a significantly reduced income.

S is married, in her early forties and lives in her own home with her spouse and two pre-adolescent children. She has advanced cervical cancer. They have a very large support network of friends and family and the children have been well looked after.

During her lengthy admission to the hospital, her spouse was here daily, resulting in significant reduction in income. S is also on a sick leave and had no pay while she waited for her Employment Insurance Sick Benefits to start We recommended a financial gift of $1,700 for this patient to assist with their mortgage and to help with the very high parking costs incurred during her admission.

J is in her thirties, is married and had two very young children when she had five weeks of chemo/radiation for cervical cancer. She and her family live in a mortgaged house which is a considerable distance outside of the city. She had been self-employed but was not able to carry on her business during her treatment. She has no benefits.

Because of her cancer treatment and inability to earn income, it was difficult to meet their monthly mortgage payments plus all the regular expenses to run a home. We recommended that the Tara Fund provide them a financial gift of $1400 which assisted with their mortgage.

Thank you for everything you've done to assist these women and their families during such challenging times.