We are sorry that you have been told your cervical cancer is incurable. Facing an incurable cancer diagnosis can feel overwhelming and very scary and you will be experiencing a range of emotions and thoughts.

Being diagnosed with incurable cervical cancer does not mean that you need to stop doing the things you enjoy in your life. You may want to think about what makes you happy and what is important to you. This could be spending time with your family or planning trips to create lasting memories with your loved ones. Try to make sure you prioritise activities that make you feel good. This is very important because it can offer you a chance to do something that makes you happy and it can help support your loved ones. Some women see incurable cancer as a chance to reassess what they want out of their life and they often choose different lifestyles as a result. While others may decide they want to change as little as possible. There is no right or wrong way and you will know what feels best for you.

At the moment, getting support and information, be that for the mind or body, is really important; it's not a luxury, it makes sense. Your family and friends may also need to seek support as well.

In this section we will provide you with information on different places to find support and practical tips on how to make decisions and plan but also to ensure you can do the things you want. We will provide you with links to other organisations that can offer you specific support according to your own needs.


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