Here is a list of a just a few things to think about that you might want to cover either in your letter of wishes or separately:

  • Your Housing Situation
    • If you are renting you may want to make sure that you let your landlord know what will happen to your tenancy, will someone be taking it over?
    • If you have a mortgage who will be taking over the payments. You might want to let your bank know about your decision.
  • Bills and Utilities
    • Have a think about any regular payments that you have such as your mobile phone, gas, water and electricity bills or any other standing orders.
  • Do you have any dependants?
    • In your letter of wishes and your will you may have already thought about any family members that you are responsible for but if you haven’t do take a bit of time to let others know what you want.
    • If you are a mother this will be a really tough time. Give yourself a chance to process your cancer situation you might find that talking to other people, be that your GP, CNS or Palliative Care Team.

This is a very difficult time for any family. Some women choose to create a memory box, where photos, objects or mementos can be stored for your family. You can also do this electronically, by adding your favourite music or record your voice or make a video.

It can be useful to think about the different areas of your life and once you have decided what you want, you can spend time thinking about things you want to do, such as the people you want to speak to or the trips you want to make. You can plan to do those activities with the people who are important in your life.

It can take time to accept the incurable diagnosis you have been given. Talking to other women who know what you're going through can help. Our online forum can help you connect with women who are also facing a similar situation / prognosis.


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